How long will my visa take?

Visa issuance varies dependent on each country. The general lead time for a visa to be issued is between 5-15 working days, however in peak periods of travel, visa’s for specific countries are known to take even longer. Australia is a perfect example here. It is advised to apply for a visa NO less then 2 months before you are due to travel ideally. This is to ensure visa is issued in time for travel.

If your upcoming travel is around the corner, please urgently ring to inquire and see what is possible.

How do I know if I need a visa?

South African passport holders do not need visa’s for these countries listed within this site:

Every other country requires a visa. Please call to inquire if unsure

Why must I use an agent?

Applying for a visa in South Africa is very tedious and it is very easy to go wrong. The consulates and embassies, as well as the various appointment centres are very specific about their requirements and what they need to see from a traveller wishing to enter their country.

The Visa Agent can simplify the process for you and guide you from beginning to end. Allowing the traveller peace of mind and assurance that with help from an agent, you stand the best chance of getting the visa, and getting it first time. By using an agent, you save yourself from:

  • Being turned away at appointment for not having everything necessary and in perfect order
  • Being refused the visa for incorrect documentation
  • Running out of time if visa is refused and having to reapply

Why choose The Visa Agent?

With many years in the Visa industry, The Visa Agent offers an affordable, professional, friendly and reliable service. Any inquiry, any issue, any concern – The Visa agent can help and advise.

You can be assured the Visa Agent will go the extra mile to get your visa issued.

Our competitive rates for a very helpful and hands on approach sets us apart – Please call / email to arrange a quote and to ask any questions or concerns you may have.

How much will my visa cost?

The Visa Agent fees can be found here:

However, there are of course consular fees. This is the fee paid to the relevant embassy or consulate for issuing the visa and processing this.

As the fee’s change regularly based on exchange rate, please call or email to inquire and the Visa Agent will quote you the most current and accurate consular fees. The consular fee can be requested online or at your visa appointment as the appointment centre as explained below. The Visa Agent will advise you of this in your quote.

The Visa Agent will make any online payments on behalf of the client.

Kindly note that most countries make use a 3rd party. This 3rd party is in the form of an appointment Centre and is a compulsory requirement. The appointment centre will receive your documents on behalf of the relevant consulate, take your photo, take your fingerprints and then send your completed application to the relevant Embassy or Consulate. The appointment centre also charges a fee for this service which also varies across the board and will always be included in the Visa Agent Quote. This fee is generally settled at the appointment centre by the traveller directly.

What if my visa is refused?

The Visa Agent will never send a client to appointment if there is any worry that the traveller will be refused the visa. Once the Visa Agent has gone through the travellers supporting documentation, the traveller will be advised of any concerns or worry regarding visa refusal.

The traveller and the Visa Agent will work together to get documentation in place / amended / added to the application to ensure visa issuance.

At quoting stages, if The Visa Agent can pick up the traveller is at high risk for refusal, the traveller will be advised of this straight away. The traveller and The Visa Agent will then discuss best way to proceed, if proceeding at all.

Why could my visa be refused?

  • Embassies and consulates are very hard on foreigners living in South Africa.

For example: If a traveller is originally from Zimbabwe, and living in South Africa on a work permit that is due to expire and does not have strong ties to South Africa – This traveller could be at risk for refusal.

The mind set of the consulates and embassies is: “If one has left their home country to reside in another country before, they may do it again”

  • Insufficient funds

If a traveller tries to apply for a visa showing very little funds – this is generally a very popular reason for refusal. The embassies and consulates want to see one has funds available to them to travel abroad.

The Visa Agent can advise solutions and back up options if funds are an issue. Please call or email to inquire.

  • Unemployment

If a traveller is unemployed, this can sometimes lead to refusal. However, this can also very easily be explained – Once the Visa Agent knows your situation, we can advise on the solution. This is obviously not a worry for those who are retired, scholars or students, stay at home moms etc.

We are a family of Five, can the Visa Agent give us a discounted price?

Each case will be assessed differently. The same amount of work goes into each application hence a discounted price is not guaranteed, but the door is always open to discuss.

What does Schengen visa mean?

A Schengen visa is the visa issued by EUROPEAN countries however the traveller still needs to apply for their visa at the correct embassy. For example: If traveller is travelling to Germany and to France, the traveller cannot choose which embassy they wish to apply visa. The traveller will apply via the country they are staying the longest.

Traveller can send their itinerary to the Visa Agent and the Visa Agent will advise which visa the traveller must apply for.

Europe (Schengen Visa) includes the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

If your country of travel is not listed here, please ring to inquire

Do I need a Transit Visa?

One does need a Transit visa in certain instances. Please email the Visa Agent and we can confidently advise you on this.

Any other questions not covered here – please do send us an email inquiry and include your itinerary if you have it:

Will my visa fees be refunded if my visa is refused?

Unfortunately visa fee’s – both consular and The Visa Agent Fee will not be refunded if visa is refused. To explain, if The Visa Agent thinks you are at risk for refusal, we will advise you of this and not proceed to submission stages.

If a client is refused a visa due to the fault of the Visa Agent – a Refund will absolutely be discussed case by case.

If a client is refused a visa due to their own documents not being sufficient enough and being warned of the risk but wishes to continue regardless, The Visa Agent will not be able to grant any refund.

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